Airport Pet Transfers/Transport

transfersServicing Sydney and the  Central Coast from Bases in Lisarow And Hornsby NSW.

Specialising in all small  domestic Pet transportation around Sydney and the Central Coast.

When we undertake a pick up of you and your pet you are taken directly to freight cargo to deliver your pet and then on to the terminal to drop you off where possible if not possible as roads at airport constantly change, you will be helpfully directed to terminal.

Unaccompanied pets
We can undertake the task of getting quotes and booking for the interstate travel of your pet, with either Qantas or Virgin Blue. There is no extra charge for this service.

Accompanied and Unaccompanied Pets

Trips to the airport can be time consuming. Advance booking is essential to cope with the time involved.
You and your pet(s) can travel together in the pet taxi
(One person only)
…or your pet or pets can travel without you.

Animals must be at the airport 90/120 minutes before the flight. Overseas international 3 hours pre flight.
airport pet transfers our speciality for the past 21 years.
Individual airport pet shuttle available by arrangement.

We Also Service Newcastle Airport incoming and outgoing.

Accompanied and Unaccompanied Pets

We organise to be at the airport to meet incoming flights around 30 minutes after the plane’s scheduled landing time. (The plane’s unloading time takes approximately this long). Your pet is then transported as soon as possible.
Any Extended waiting times will be Charged for (I.E. Delayed flights).

International Pet Travel is not what we do.
But I can organise.

International Pet Pickups From Cargo in Link Rd passengers will be met here.
We will arrive 1.5 hours after flight arrival
Pick up fees will be quoted without airport duty this is a extra charge this will be charged above quoted price once we are charged.
Waiting fees may be incurred above quoted fees at $80 per hour.

Airline contact numbers: Qantas:

Australian Air Express. Cnr. Shiers Ave & Fifth St., Mascot 2020. Ph. 02 9582 1545. Fax 029582 1500 Or

Regional (country services): Ph. 02 95821600

Fax: 02 95821616

Virgin Blue: Sydney: Eleventh Av
Mascot 2020

Ph: 138287

NOTE: However, if you are flying with your pet, your pet can be considered as excess baggage. In this case, the airline charges are less, but the pet must be booked by you, since the pet will be booked on your ticket. In this case, you must be present to book your pet in at the airport, as you need to fill out, sign, and retain paperwork.
We are happy to run you to the terminal if departing we will meet you at Freight if arriving.


We can organise the purchase or hire crates on your behalf for your pet’s travel. As professionals in the industry, we are able to supply them at reduced prices.

For cats, I suggest that a cage be purchased rather than hired; as this is safer at the receiving end…you can just pick up cage and cat, leaving the airport without the difficulty of handling an upset cat that might very easily escape.

All crates for airline travel must be airline approved. These are plastic crates with a wire door. Crate halves must be bolted together.

(Some international crates made of plywood are no longer accepted by Virgin Blue especially)

Bookings are essential

Advance bookings are needed, especially for school holidays and long weekends to avoid disappointment.

All special times need prior bookings.

We provide a reassuring reliable, safe, professional service to look after your furry friends when you can’t.

We have been operating for around 21 years, now, servicing the Sydney and the Central Coast areas, with quality service and reliability…
Individual pets and families of pets most welcome.

If you require any further information regarding your pet’s transport needs, or wish to suggest how we might improve our service, please don’t hesitate to contact us…

We can give you a starting minimum FEE of $175 (or greater) as airport pick up or delivery fee this is mainly for areas requiring little tollway travel some areas the fee is greater depending on tolls.

Meeting points will be given for airport collections, we will try and make these as simple as possible.

Peak Periods will require a Surcharge of $45 to cover time peak time starts at 2.30 pm Weekdays.

After hours Callouts may be rejected at our discretion.

Please call us to book a service or get a quote:

Ph: 0438 823 392

For your Quality Individual Air Conditioned Pet Transport.