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We transport all domestic pets, dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, cavies, rodents’ snakes, lizards, fish etc large or small.
Greyhounds, breeding and show dogs and cats, puppies and kittens, bitches in season cats on heat. Small farm animals’ of all descriptions goats, chooks, geese, lambs, sheep sometimes pigs.
Semen frozen or chilled own shipper is needed.
We are happy to deliver new babies to there forever home or play Santa’s Helper.
We can supply cat cages and other crates where needed.

WHY is it essential that I pre book? Well I am running a business businesses like to make as much money as they can when they can make hay while the sun shines or make it when you can for the lean quiet times . But also I can schedule the day more sensibly if you help me out.
Why is your price so much higher than the price my kennel charges?
Well there are a number of reasons for this mostly it is that with us it is only your animal travelling to that destination so my charges cover the time involved, expenses tolls and vehicle wear and tear.
Also to them transport is an extra they get as a bonus.
With the kennel based trucks they are transport anywhere from 10 to 14 or more animals in one trip @ maybe $50 each way per pet that would work out at a total earning of way more than I am charging you and your pet has to travel from place to place before they arrive at the kennel.
We offer a service which lets your pet travel with the least amount of time with us as we can manage so they can get down to having their holiday too.

Can I travel with my pet?
Mostly yes, although we are here especially for pets and on some occasions you can only travel when your pet is on board. I.e. when surrendering your pet I can only take you to the organisation you are surrendering to you will have to organise your transport home.

Can you pick up from my door and deliver to my preferred Kennel or cattery or? Yes, this is exactly the sort of job we do your pet will go directly to the kennel you have chosen.

Can you pick up my pet at a appointed time? Yes, we set times of pick up and stick to them traffic problems permitting in busy times we may set a bracket of time for pick up eg. 9.00/9.30am please allow us a grace of 15 mins on all times set because traffic sometimes gets the better of us. Please make sure you have your ph. switched on or with you so we can be in contact on the day.

Animals Picked up and traveling from one side of the city or metro area to the other will be picked up to make for the shortest possible trip so pick ups occur after morning peak hour and before afternoon Peak.

Are you available for emergencies?
I do take emergency cases within hours and I transfers to specialists but we are not equipped with and extra member of staff or on board oxygen, and as I am the only operator I don’t run a 24 hour service ,however for regular customers I do try to go out of my way outside hours.
For this service we would have to have a lot different set up and the staffing costs would make for much higher price tag.

What are Tolls and why are they charged? Tolls or road tolls are a must on many Sydney roads the bridge cross city tunnel etc.
These are charged as they are necessary if we are to go from A to B on some jobs using the quickest way possible which is always our aim. They are charged for the trip there and back as they are both ways.

How do you transport pets? All pets are transported in safe secure cages as required by law all cages are big enough for pets to stand turn around and lie down in comfort. The vehicle is air conditioned if any special requirements are needed we endeavour to provide them (a ramp is available but is not in the car at all times.) if need to tell us when booking.

Can my dogs and cats and birds all travel with you? Yes so long as they can fit bird cages sometimes can be quiet large but if you can transfer the cocky to a crate no worries.
I have transported whole pet families at once chooks dog’s cats birds Guinea pigs.

Can you pick up my dog from the pound? Yes, your account must be settled and your dog must have been identified as yours but this can be done.
Can you help me surrender my pet? Yes I can take you to surrender your pet, but you must find your own way home. Also when purchasing I can pick you up from but not take you to the shelter.

Will my Pet be the only pet travelling? I do quiet often have my own dog travelling with me it has travelled since very young so is highly socialised, but separated completely, from the other passengers.
For the most part your pet is the only passenger Sometimes maybe another pet if they are going in the same direction or to the same kennel as yours.

Can you move just me and or my pet from one place to another ie. One house to another?Yes, this is certainly possible some jobs and distances may not be possible as the call out takes longer than the job itself.

Can you take bookings for jobs on the same day as the job?
Sometimes, by phone only, however it is preferable if you book your job in ahead of time, 24 to 48 hours is possible mostly.
School holidays preferably well in advance as quiet often I cover large distances in a day.

Still un certain what we can do for you, just send us an email or give us a call we can try and help you as best we can….

Just for fun heres a link to an interview with pet talk radio aired 14/4/13


8 months ago
Try Not to Laugh

Straight out of a rom com 😘❤️

8 months ago

Today I picked up a Deceased Pet and dropped it at that vets then off to Mosman to take a dog to a boarding kennel

8 months ago

when the kitty is working hard for the money 🤣🤣😂😂

8 months ago

Next Wednesday A trip to Orange is ours We are offically booked out wednesday 26th

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