Tolls & Fees & Charges


We request all jobs consider booking at least 48 hours outside holidays in advance. You are welcome to try us at anytime but if not booked pre-booked work comes first. Holiday period bookings need greater notice.

Call out applies to all Jobs varying from $35 to $70 depending on travel time and distance and any tolls from and to Hornsby base.

Extra long call out fee over an hour and a half from base.$90.


This fee covers petrol for the job.

The service will individually transport your pet or pet family only. Prices are higher than boarding kennel transport for this reason. I only have your pets best interests at heart by operating like this.
As there is less chance of stress or heat stress because we deliver your pet to its destination in the shortest possible time.

Sometimes if there are local pets traveling in the same direction we may consider including another pet family only if the trip is not adversely affected (trip times remain as short as possible)we will not do this when it means taking a pet on an extended journey.

Jobs are charged on a per km basis from $6.00 – $2.50 dependant on job distance.

Minimum Charge for 1- 5km distance jobs (5 km min)will be charged. door to door Call out $40 if no tolls are needed $6.00 per km $6 x 5 = $30 + $40 callout= $70 so Total $70 min. one way charge for jobs with traveling distance of 0-5km. If job is a return only $6 per km is the return charge as long as waiting doesn’t exceed 30 min.

per km rate over 5km to 20 km price $3 per km (When traveling Distance of 5-20 the rate is $3 per km)
Price over 20 km distance $2.50 per Km,
To cover my time and wear and tear to vehicle km will be rounded to the nearest km (e.g. 5.6 will be 6 km charge.)
Tolls are charged on top of this where this is needed (where this route is the fastest to destination).
Where there is a family of animals involved there will only be an extra cost if they fill the car. minimal fee of $15 per pet family will be charged.
Waiting time will be charged at $15 per 15 mins. Once a job exceeds 30 mins.
Charges do apply for after hours.

Surcharges apply to immediate call out jobs or jobs booked on the day where scheduling is interrupted.
$80 Sunday surcharge.
Sunday jobs are  only available for Quarantine.

No Sunday Jobs will be booked on the day. 7 days notice is preferred for Sundays.
We reserve the right to not take Sunday Work on short notice.

Phones May not be answered on Sundays.
All invoiced work to be paid on first invoice ANY REISSUES of INVOICE incurs $10 Processing Fees.

Urgent work will pay a surcharge $$.$$ dependant on day time etc. based on availability.

Surcharge applies to peak hour trips $25
Airport Jobs in Peak hour times will include a surcharge of $45

Other Airport transfer charges are on that page.

AFTER HOURS FEES NIGHT TIME (above normal fees)$150

Long jobs are charged at hourly rate dependant on job time and distance.
Current Tolls are available through the links below.

For the Cross City Tunnel ~ click here
For the M5 motorway ~ click here
For the M7 motorway ~ click here
For the M2 motorway ~ click here

For the Bridge and Harbour tunnel ~ click here

For the Lane Cove Tunnel and Military Rd Ramps ~ click here
For the Eastern Distributor ~ click here

For the M4 tolls click here
Sydney toll calculator click here

Please Refer to our bookings an cancelations policy particularly for Christmas new year period

See our booking and cancellation policy.

Please call us to book a service or get a quote:

Ph: 0438 823 392

Banking Details B Clapson Trading as Britt’s Pet Taxi
When doing direct deposit REF. SURNAME/JOB DATE
BSB 633 000
Bendigo Bank

For your Quality Air Conditioned Pet Transport

We now accept PayPal!But we do ask you to check with us as money is lost if you use this method and payments take longer for us to be paid so are not preferred.

 but only after confirming with me.