Vet Trips/ Vet Transport

vet-trips-2I service the whole of Sydney focusing mainly in the Northern Suburbs ,Hills ,Inner West and City areas along with the Central Coast and surrounds. I am happy to transport pets from Sydney to Newcastle or Wollongong.
We Are able to do vet appointments mainly focusing in areas of the Central Coast and North Shore suburbs and Northern.
Specialist Transfers From All Areas.
If I approve jobs outside these areas charges may reflect larger travel times.

The van is air-conditioned and spacious, and fitted out especially for your pet’s safety and comfort.

Most Pet Courier Services Available by appointment.

We can take your pet to a vet for you, and/or we can organize a transfer to any specialist.

(for this service, you are welcome to accompany your pet. Please tell us when booking in.)

At all times we lend a hand, wait for you, and return you home after the appointment.

If you need Veterinary medications or specially prescribed food, we can pick them up and deliver them to your home.

We have a stretcher, or ramps, for your pet, should these be necessary. If either of these should be required, please let us know.

When organising Vet trip it is in your best interest to organise availability of the service prior to making any vet or specialist appointments a lot of my jobs are pre booked. Please be informed that it is often better if you even let us book your appointment for you as we have and understanding of what might be possible.

Ph: 0438 823 392

For your Quality Air Conditioned Pet Transport

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